About us


We are a small Kennel which breeds Shih Tzus.
We went to our first dog show on 24 th, September, 1989.
Our work over the last fifteen years has been possible because of the encouragement and help given us by judges, colleagues and friends all over the world.
We breed top quality show and companion dogs and all of our puppies are home raised and live in our house!
Manlio is President of the CCCL (the local Kennel Club of Lugo Ravenna) and is also on the Emilia Romagnolo Regional Board for the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI), a post hi held until 31st December, 2008.
On 29 th, May, 2005, Manlio was elected to the Committee of Section 3 (Tibetan Breeds) of the C.C.C. (Group IX) a post hi held until 31st December, 2007.
At the World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan (Poland) with 142 Shih Tzus present, all six of our dogs received marvellous reports and achieved praiseworthy results (Showcase Julia was BEST PUPPY out of twelwe).
We love Shih Tzus and we are very happy to have this opportunity of sharing our love of the breed with you.
We also hope you will appreciate our collection of statues that you can see by clicking "ceramic gallery".
You can contact us by email and or through our forum in Italian, French or German.


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